Looking for your stolen car?


Islamabad Police have arrested 10 outlaws including two car lifters and seized car, wine and weapons from their possession, a police spokesman said.

Kohsar Police arrested accused Mehboob Alam and recovered one liquor bottle from him. Secretariat Police arrested accused Mohsan Raza and recovered eight cans of beer from him.

Margallah Police arrested two car lifters namely Shahbaz and Rashid and recovered stolen car bearing registration No RG-360 ICT from their possession.

CIA police arrested a bootlegger Shakeel and recovered 10 cans of beers from him. Sabzi Mandi police arrested accused Sikandar Khan for having 30-bore pistol. Tarnol Police arrested three persons Arshad, Asif and Akhtar Zaman for involvement in crime case who are being investigated further.

Meanwhile, Islamabad Police impounded 10 vehicles and 69 bikes during checking which were being driven without authentic documents.

Police team also apprehended four suspects from various area of the city during search operation.