Peace and clerics: glove in hands


Workshop on ulema’s role in promotion of tolerance and harmony starts at IIUI

A one-day workshop titled “Role of Ulema in Promotion of Tolerance and Harmony” organised by Shariah Academy of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) kicked off on Wednesday.

A large number of Islamic scholars hailing from different parts of the country attended the workshop. Renowned researchers and scholars delivered valuable lectures on various important topics such as moderation versus extremism and role of Islamic scholars in unity of Muslim world.

Shariah Academy also organized an international moot on tolerance, its role in stability of the society few months back which was duly appreciated and attended by the renowned Islamic scholars of Muslim world.

Inaugural ceremony of the workshop was attended by IIUI President Dr Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh as chief guest. DG of the Academy Dr Tahir Mansoori, academy scholars, staff and Islamic scholars were also present in the ceremony.

Two sessions having topics “differences in matters of Fiqh” and “problems, solution for differences in matters of Fiqh” were addressed by Dr. Tahir Hakeem Dean Faculty of Shariah and Law IIUI, Maulana Misbah ur Rehman, Dr. Ikram ul Haq, Dr. Asmat ullah and Dr. Habib ur Rehman.

Scholars observed that guidance from Islamic history was necessary for adopting the way of moderation and avoiding extremism in matters of Fiqh. It was discussed that presence of tolerance and harmony in the attitudes of individuals associated with the matters of Fatwa and Ijtihad was also needed.

Addressing the workshop, Dr. Al-Draiweesh said that Ulema are the precious asset of the society and they can play vital role in promotion of harmony and tolerance in society. He said tolerance and attitude of moderation are the solutions of the prevailing problems being faced by Muslim world. Difference in opinion is possible but the way of handling such state is crucial and it must be dealt in accordance to the teachings of Islam instead of being violent and rigid, said President IIUI. He termed the workshop as a positive constructive step towards promotion of tolerance while he also stressed on Ulema to disseminate Islam’s message of peace and harmony.

Dr. Tahir Mansoori while telling the objectives of workshop and discussing the topic said Islamic history possesses example of mutual tolerance in the matters of Fiqh. To be rigid and observe things with the glasses of extremism is not an appropriate attitude, he maintained.

Question and answer sessions were also proved useful and constructive as participants took keen interest in various topics by raising questions and finding replies of vital queries. They were also provided with publications and books of Shariah Academy by the President IIUI.