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We cannot win without clerics: Hamza

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz senior leader Hamza Shahbaz Sharif has said that war against terrorism and extremism could not be won without the support of Ulema.

While talking to a delegation of clerics which called on him at Model Town Monday, Hamza said that the government and army have complete support of Ulema of all schools of thought for the elimination of terrorism and maintenance of law and order in the country. He said that government will continue the war against terrorism till the country becomes a haven of peace.

Provincial Minister for Law Rana Sanaullah, Maulana Raghib Husain Naeemi, Maulana Ilyas Chinioti, Saood Majeed, Pir Sial and other clerics were also present on the ocassion.

Hamza said that Ulema have always played a prominent role in the maintenance of law and order in the country and they will continue to do so during the operation against terrorists as well. He stressed upon Ulema to extend full support and cooperation to Pak army and the government in the war against terrorists and maintenance of peace in the country. He said that terrorists playing with the lives of innocent people deserve no leniency and the time has come to deal with them sternly.

The clerics while expressing their views said that terrorists have no religion. They said that no religion including Islam allows killing of innocent human beings. They said that Ulema of all schools of thought highly value the sacrifices of Pak army against terrorists. They assured their full support to the operation against terrorist and extremists and to continue to play an active role for ridding the country of the scourge of terrorism.

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  1. Afzal A. Neseem said:

    The only qualification which Mr Hamza has is that he is the son of Mr. Shehbaz Sharif who was a nominee of his own father Mian Sharif senior. Mr. Nawaz Sharif who had been picked up by General Jilani to serve as a minister and then as chief minister of Punjab, later became the blue eyed boy of General Zia and ended up as prime minister of Pakistan. This happened only after his mentor General Zia dismissed the elected government of Mr. Junejo. Nawaz Sharif had no compunction in betraying his senior and party leader junejo and took upon himself the sacred task of completing General Zia's mission.He kept on singing praises of General Zia after he had been killed in a mysterious air crash.After a few years it dawned on Mr. Nawaz Sharif that adopting a democratic persona was a great deal more profitable than continued loyalty to his late master.Hence the begining of his ire against military dictators.Now prime minister has several family members occupying hjgh places in federal and Punjab governments. His own daughter Maryam has been installed in one of the more prosperous prime minister's programmes. Mr Hamza has no official position but is a de facto additional chief minister Punjab. Maryam seems to be somewhat smarter in that she does not issue ridiculous statements like declaring the clergy to be indispensable for the success of the military operation against religious fanatics. The rest of the family are also holding their breath.But then talented Hamza must know what is good for him, the fact that he does not know ABC of politics not withstanding.

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