Waterless dam


The government of PML-N is celebrating the grant of 4.6 billion dollars loan from World Bank to finance Dasu dam to produce 4,600 MW of power by 2019 after the completion of the tenure of the present govt. This dam would generate power on run of the river basis, without storing any water which is a no go area for the rulers. The alternative of KBD that would give twin benefits of 6.1 MAF water storage for irrigation and 3,600 MW of cheap power is not on the radar sight of the govt as it awaits the rosy word of consensus to be achieved for which no effort has been made by the rulers. This is a historic betrayal of the state of which PML-N govt would be squarely blamed in history if they were ever to learn from it.




  1. While it is alright to blame the PML-N government one should also seek the reason why is it that a government that strove so hard to achieve consensus on Kalabagh dam under the Water Accord of 1991 has not been able to follow up on the Accord. This is because Benazir Bhutto on coming to power soon after rejected the Accord and turned the people of Sindh against it by saying that Sindh will become a desert if Kalabagh dam is built, she rejected Kalabagh dam and inducted the oil guzzling IPPs which are the source of all our troubles today, now the threat of the breakup of the federation is held over our heads at the mere mention of Kalabagh dam, and the government is helpless, while the people are denied the immense benefit that can accrue from the dam.

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