Bugti finds foreign hand in Balochistan unrest


Balochistan Home Minister Mir Safaraz Bugti on Monday said that a foreign hand was involved in terrorism in Balochistan.

In a statement issued, Bugti said Balochistan has long border with neighbouring countries and terrorists have their training camps in mountainous areas.

“There are 34 camps in a neighbouring country’s mountainous areas where terrorists get training and later carry out sabotage acts and attacks on innocent people in Balochistan,” he said.

He said that the federal government was extending full cooperation to the provincial government to maintain peace. Security forces were playing an important role to curb terrorism in the province, he added.



  1. Ya foreign hands are killing and dumping baluch man and eight years old boys? How do you know about 34 camps?Are you sure? It is not 33 or 35 camps? Safaraz turn out to be another mouth for pok army. I do not blame him he say's what pok army runs by I.S.i wants other wise he will be dead and his doughter will be rape by punjabi army his wife will become sex slave for pokistani army. I must say he is smart is a baluch I love him like all the baluch of this planet,

  2. I think he is truthfull about foregin hands feets gunships rapests killers looters most of them from punjab.and mahajers from india .I agree

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