Five Signs You Are Not Drinking Enough Water


Dehydration is not necessarily to be always obvious and by the time you get thirsty, you are already dehydrated. A chronic form of dehydration which does not have the intense and sudden nature of the acute form is widespread in the present day and affects people who are not drinking enough liquid. This list of main symptoms will inspire you to go and down a glass of water and then another until you body is rehydrated.

Fewer trips to the loo

When you are sufficiently hydrated your urine seems to be a lighter yellow color, or straw, and you should urinate at least 5 times daily. If you do not drink enough water, your urine becomes dark yellow. You may go several hours, seven or more, without urinating. The lack of urine is a main sign of having no excess fluids to expel.

Urinary tract infections

If toxins contained in urine are insufficiently diluted, they damage your urinary mucous membranes causing cystitis and other urinary tract inflammation. Common symptoms such as burning pain while urinating, a strong and persistent urge to urinate often with little portions may occur.


Infrequent bowel movements are another sign of dehydration. In the very moment chewed food enters the colon, it contains too much liquid and allows stools to form properly, and the wall of the colon reduces it. Water lubricates your digestive tract to keep things moving smoothly. In chronic dehydration, the colon takes too much water to give to other parts of the body. The lack of fluids dries fecal masses, causing it to stick to the sides of your colon and become difficult to pass.

Dry mouth

If you do not drink water, the fluids that lubricate the mucus membrane do not replenish well. As a result you feel your mouth sticky and dry with little saliva production. When your body is properly hydrated, your mouth seems to be comfortably wet and saliva production should be adequate while eating.

Lack of Tears

One more symptom of not drinking proper amounts of water is no tears when you cry. If not drinking water, the liquids in your tear ducts won’t replenish as they should do. Staying hydrated allows tears to flow plentifully.


  1. You often get mouth ulcer or your tongue gets swollen. You will difficulty in passing urine and there will be burning sensation while urinating.

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