Please, no politics of agitation!


Pakistan People’s Party Punjab Secretary-General Tanvir Ashraf Kaira while expressing his views on the formation of a political alliance among the PTI, PML and PAT, said on Friday that the parties should not resort to politics of agitation and use parliament to address their grievances.

He added that the country and the nation could not afford the slightest risk of the derailment of democracy in the country because damage to democracy would definitely hurt the federation.

He said this in a statement issued by the PPP Secretariat. He added that although the PPP had reservations regarding the authenticity of May 2013 elections but accepted the same only for the sake of the continuity of the political process. He favoured improvement in the electoral process in absolute terms for which a parliamentary committee should be formed to present its recommendations in the House to ensure the holding of free, fair and impartial elections in the country.

He pointed out that the PTI and PML had their presence in the parliament and therefore they should take up the issue in the Parliament in the interest of the democracy and its continuity instead of considering other options.

He called upon the government that it should not hesitate in accepting the demand of the PTI and facilitates the Election Commission in the verification of the thumb impressions of the four constituencies in Lahore as identified by the Party.