Cops chop off men’s hands for stealing car


The police on Friday allegedly chopped off the hands of two men accused of stealing a police car in Vehari, Bahawalpur.

Ghulam Mustafa and Liaquat were arrested on May 25 for theft and later badly thrashed in police custody.

According to Mustafa and Liaquat’s relatives, the men were beaten up using blades while a doctor at Bahawalpur’s Victoria Hospital has reported the victims’ condition to be critical since they were brought to the hospital after 11 hours of the incident.

However, Vihari DPO Sadiq Ali Dogar said that the two men tried to commit suicide using a sharp material while in custody. He further added that a case has been registered against the accused for attempting suicide while Head Constable Rana Zafar has also been arrested for negligence.

The police claimed that the men cut their hands themselves. However, the doctors have refuted the allegation saying no one can cut their hands themselves in the manner theirs had been cut off.


  1. I doubt that any of the torturers will ever see the inside of a jail. Justice is an alien concept in this country and those who speak for it are considered enemy agents by patriots.

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