Critics say Modi trapped Sharif

  • JI’s Baloch terms Sharif’s visit to India ‘joy ride’, says meeting was counter-productive
  • Former ambassador Halali says ‘Sharif’s goodness was replied to with a slap’



While several analysts have lauded the visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to India on the invitation of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, terming it a good omen for the future of both the nations, many have lambasted the premier’s move of accepting the invitation.

Speaking on the issue, Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Liaqat Baloch has said that Sharif’s dash to India had proved counter-productive and had created more problems for Pakistan.

Baloch held that the prime minister had undertaken the New Delhi visit in “great haste”, without taking the Parliament into confidence and without any agenda.

“So, it was simply a joy ride for Nawaz Sharif. However, the Indian premier availed the opportunity and handed over to him his own agenda. Thus, the visit was a sheer loss for the country and the nation,” he added.

Moreover, former ambassador Zafar Halali, while talking to a private television channel criticised Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to India, terming the visit “a bad judgment” on the part of the premier.

Hilali said that Sharif went to India with “all the goodness in his heart” and to give a message of peace but “received a slap in response”.

“It appears that Modi with his foreign minister had planned to insult Sharif and lured him into a trap. You should know that we will get nothing from India on the issue of Kashmir and water,” the former ambassador aggressively narrated his point of view on the state of affairs.

The former diplomat went on to say that the premier was “misled” on the issue just as former Indian prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had been back in time.


  1. sharif will be criticized in pakistaan. no doubt.thing is was he there during mumbai terror attacks.mumbai terror attacks was planned at least in 2006 or was a detailed plan with them posing as students ,coming to bombay,taking up houses for rent and mingling with the local population. so hardly any point raising that issue with him.what the indian authorities should probe is the role of localites in bombay who would have helped the terrorists.and still might be there….there should be high alert always in bombay…for terror suspects.definitely they should be identified .comb the place down ,bombay is their "DEN".

  2. SHARIF IS A SOFT SPOKEN PERSON,NOT LIKE PERVEZ.just to please the indian public ,no need for bitter words.he is our guest and this is a social ocassion.there should be a proper conference to discuss these things..his cabinet members also can participate.

    • No doubt Nawaz Sharif is soft man and this is a social occasion, so should be for Mr. Modi and indian ministers and all officials. Was that a time to talk some confrontation, where Pakistan has a lot of concern too?

  3. Pakistanis are living in cloud cuckoo land to think they can work with India on equal terms.India is a big player on international level wants to deal with Pakistan on substandard subordinate state basis.India's agenda under the new leadership should be quite clear and that is to keep Pakistan under relentless pressure

    • hahah Modi is a decent, healthy and good looking man in his early sixties but Pakistanis are definitely beggars and terrroists.

  4. Well for a change pakistani PM won the Battle of gentlemen. He was gracious enough to attend the ceremony. His reward ? a lecture on terrorisim from a terrorist from Gujrat!

  5. Pakistanis should read the above comments by Indians which shows how their mind works, lest they be under any wish full expectations.

  6. the visit was nothing to do with pakistan…it was business and gift collection trip

    • that was mean.he never asked for the gift.but he also need not reveal thingsabout his mom and all.these things will be made public.shows he is like a kid.he is innocent .so only ur allah protected him from the gallows….he would have met the same fate as bhutto.allah and almighty is a lover of just and innocent people. how can u say he is not a pakistaani at heart.does he have to have an AK47 to create terror in india or throw a few bombs…which is what u people like.india does not like to treat pakistaan like a subordinate.that is a misgiving among pakistaanis suffering from inferiority is the pakistaanis who hate india. i have watched many programs of pak tv on internet how they poke fun of dr.singh ,dr. u poke funof ur own p.m. that he came to collect gift. he is a rich man owning houses in saudi..he could have stayed on comfortably in saudi. he came back for u people . inspite of being forced into exile and insulted totally.this is what i admire about him how he came back forgetting all the bitterness. if anyone else was in his place ,they would not have done.and modi did the right thing ,which as an indian p.m. he is supposed to.all r doing their jobs.sharif ji himself would have come expecting these questions.he will not be surprised. at least he got better treatment here than he is treated there.

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