People relying more on solar panels


After failing to get satisfied from other means of uninterrupted power supply, the residents of the twin cities have started relying on solar panel system to bring some comfort in their life.

Some argue that the fuel used by the generators was not affordable to them while others complained about the back-up given by the Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).

Though the use of solar panels is effective but still the cost of its installation is out of the reach of a common person which was the reason why these panels can be witnessed mostly in the posh areas of the twin cities.

Rizwan Ahmed, an industrialist, said besides being more reliable, solar panels were now increasingly being recognised as cost-effective alternative to diesel and gas-run generators. Although the installation cost is high but it is for once and after that one could enjoy uninterrupted power supply for long time, he added.

“It had cost Rs 392,000 for installing 1120W solar panel in my home which provides 24-hour electricity,” Shahid Abbasi, a resident of I-10 said.

Rauf Khan, a shopkeeper at G-8, IT centre, said that the sale of solar panels had increased in the recent years. He said that most of the people complained that due to prolonged load shedding the UPS did not provide the desired results. A single panel of 280W will cost Rs 98,000, he informed.


  1. Prior to deciding to invest in a solar power system, find other homeowners in your areas using solar power panels. Ask them simply how much energy they can generate due to their system and pay attention to the amount set up . cost them. This will give a better notion of what to prepare for.

  2. I went into slums to educate them about cleanliness and hygiene, and I was amazed to see how well they manage everyday life without electricity. Their school going children have installed solar panels over the huts, which helps charging battery of emergency lights. They also utilise the solar energy to charge their mobile phones, which helps staying in touch with the latest news on the internet
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