CDA asked to notify agreed tariff of ad board


Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Senior Vice President Khalid Chaudhry has called upon the CDA to notify the agreed tariff of advertisement board as its non-notification is becoming a cause of tension in the city.

He said in a meeting between markets representatives and the CDA municipal administration director it was agreed that the CDA would charge advertisement board tax Rs 60 per square yards, but the CDA has not issued its notification as yet while the contractor of the CDA has started to break and remove advertisement boards from shops which is totally unauthorized and unjustified.

He said the chairman and member administration take urgent notice of this situation and issue notification of agreed board tax otherwise, traders would not pay any other rate except for agreed board licence fee.

Chaudhry said the CDA could demand tax for advertisement boards fixed on the face of shops, but contractor is not at all authorised to remove such boards from shops on any reason. He asked the representatives of market unions not to pay any tax/fee for simple or branded advertisement board till the issuance of agreed tariff for such boards.