Shaista Lodhi leaves for Qatar


Geo Entertainment’s morning show Utho Jago Pakistan host Shaista Wahidi has left the country after ARY anchor Mubashir Luqman accused the show of airing blasphemous content, a private news channel reported.

As per the details Lodhi left for Qatar around two days ago via Gulf Airways wearing an abaya to hide her identity.

Earlier, reports about Lodhi considering to flee the country were doing rounds as the public outcry against the issue escalated the matter to new height. Although Shaista Wahidi made a public apology, stating any offence was inadvertent and unintentional, within hours of Mubasher Lucman’s television show which propelled the issue in to the limelight; the channel and the show host have been facing media’s wrath. The wedding video controversy has done a serious damage to Lodhi’s reputation and several cases have been registered against her in different courts of the country. She was expected to appear before the court to face the allegations but now it has been confirmed that she has fled from the country.

It was also reported that Veena Malik and Asad Bashir Khattak have also left the country.

Since all the accused are not present in the country we cannot say how the things will take a turn – for now the controversy has become talk of the town and everyone including politicians, media person and government are playing with the issue.


  1. From Jago pakistan to Bhago pakistan. You can write a book on these manipulative losers. I am happy that she left and i hope she doesnt come back.

  2. shameful shaista totally disgusted I cant believe I used to watch your shows I did not expect this from your show really upsetting!!

  3. This had to happen. Interesting that she eloped in Abaya! her journey from a modest TV artist to a 'rich & famous' TV celeb finally ended in disgrace.Her 'exclusive' pics , went viral couple of weeks ago. A lesson for those 'high' proflie anchors on morning & prime time TV shows. classic example of how brutal money & fame can be… many examples in the past….

  4. both brother and sister are doing the same…………doctor shista wahidi now lodhe is totally out of control when she left her husband….she dosent pursue a doctor degree……she is same as mr amir liaquat who hasnt got any degree but called himself a doctor….now islamic scholar….agar ghar mai kitabain parhnay sai doctor buntay hai tu sarey quam akbar parh kar anchor bun saktey hai…………shahista lodhe and amir liaquat both are culprits…if you see the program ennam ghar you will see a islamic scholar dancing and start singing indian songs…mubahir luqman your next hunt should be amir liaquat…….few days before imran khan was praising geo now he has changed his views………..

  5. She has so confused because he was very upset after doing this.i said that the government of pakistan should punished her .Howere

  6. How can she run away,how can police let her go,govt allowed her to escape,is this the law,she has to be proven innocent or guilty once cases against her are in the courts.GEO AND ITS ANCHORS ARE SPONSORED BY INDIA AND THE WEST TO DEFAME PAKISTAN AND ISLAM.


    • India and Indian agents have better things to do in life rather than chase ur stupid Geo tv. Grow up!

  8. .
    Congratulations Shaista …
    I think, the departure is a blessing in disguise for you …
    You would find better place to live, work and enjoy your life …
    Pity on the fanatics, conspirators and low life's

  9. Shahista,what a shame you are to our country and our religion…life is not about running ,jumping and dancing all the time…yet to see a morning show host who do not sit down…jumps from one spot to the other…good to see you go ,you were brainwashing the younger generation..bringing dance groups on your show was a horrible idea families living abraod had to tell our children that these dance groups are not from pakistan because they have been taught differently about was disgraceful..well you are disgraceful..go to khanae kaaba and madina …say your astaghfar and stay there ..this is what you get…

    • Lagta hi , Aap ko tand pergai hain , baraf ka gola jo monh mina laliya , piyas buj gai, Sheikhon ki pias dono tum aur shaista bujana. let come to qater ,I will book on very quickly , 3000,Ryal per night. with Dr, suliman Asodais . in qatar , Arbi hotel , 6 plaza , qater,

  10. The followers of dajjal will always try to manipulate Islam and those who have popular personality will be expose on earth like dajjal will.

  11. I always. Hated her, they way she plays with Pakistani women's heart making them wed at her show and they were crying being in the show without their family

  12. She should not comeback into the country for every hopefully, I hate her and she just want Pakistani women come out form their home and this was her main AGENDA. All morning shows should ban in Pakistan as they are destroying our culture and bringing Indian culture to our country and religion. Mubashir did the good job though to highlight this issue. Now she should come to right path the one Islam describe for women and hopefully staying home and taking care her kids.

    • Glad u agree that freedom of speech and basically freedom is Indian culture……. something u pakistanis can never even dream about maybe for the next 1000 years.

  13. hamay afsos hay k aik musalman airat nay yah kam kya .sharam karo baisharam famly .shaid yah family hi tawaifo k ghar say paida hui thi.

  14. She is a person who should be kept away from media as she sets bads examples for the youth especially young girls of our country. She should be banned for life along with her efaminate brother.

  15. And how come nobody is talking about that fat singer Sabri qawal's son. He has brought shame and disrespect to his father and family. He should also be punished.

  16. I spent time in Pak in 1970s . That time people were sane. There was less corruption and less dishonesty. Now dishonesty and inhumane behavior is rampant while every other person is having ugly beard and white topee . These molvees are thurky and sexually pervert . When apprehended for doing rape of girls, they confess saten has overpowered them. People like Shaista Loodhi are honest and contribute to society in positive manners,. They cultivate civic , humane morals in young generations. We need humane society, not radicle taliban loving.

    • u r right, but u r just wasting ur time trying to teach these inhumane corpses the value of life.they just want to kill…


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