Govt’s silence over Waziristan issue irks Fazl

  • JUI-F chief says Waziristan situation is outcome of government’s failed strategy: Fazl


Fazlur Rehman, chief of his own faction of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, has said that unfortunate situation in Waziristan is the outcome of government’s flawed talks strategy.

The cleric said, “The government has to acknowledge that its mechanisms were a failure.”

In a statement issued by Fazl’s spokesman Jan Achakzai, the cleric asked, “Where are the committees? Why is the government not saying anything about talks? Why parliament is not taken into confidence? Why coalition partners are not being briefed? The people of Pakistan are in the dark and asking is it a new operation? Are the talks already dead?”

He said that the JUI-F knew that government was not serious in holding talks as it was reflected in its choice of weak mechanism.

“How come bureaucrats can hold talks? Yes, if you want to turn horse into camel, you hand over the issue to bureaucrats,” he added.

He said that only a single direct session of talks has been held with terrorists.

He said it seems that the PML-N has simply squandered political space for dialogue to pave the way for a military operation. He said, “We want answers from the government and it should come clean on the state of affairs on dialogue.”


  1. Does not the mullah get the message ? It is simple not a riddle that he can not solve. Government was dead serious in the negotiation process It did everything to salvage the parleys, but the terrorists never reciprocated in the same way. How dare he ask such questions ? He has few seats in the Parliament but he has more ministers in the Cabinet Even as a coalition partner he has never supported the government. I do not know why he is holding on to carrots given to him by the partner.

    Everybody knew tat talks were dead, but he was sermonizing the people in favor of talks with the insurgents. Is not it a big Joke ? Let us be serious and support the military operation . I would request him to behave once as a nationalist and forget the farcical talks.

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