Entrapped in a venomous web


Whoever thinks that by weaving a web of venom to entrap others will save him from getting poisoned needs to read the writing on the wall. Pakistanis are now entangled in the web of blasphemy wherein this poison is raining day and night. This venomous disease is now entrapping its makers — no one can forget the unfortunate scenes of governor of Punjab being shot dead by on one else but his own security guard, and later the same guard being garlanded by the so-called protectors of the law — lawyers of Rawalpindi. Just few weeks back, a human rights activist and lawyer, Rashid Rehman, who was representing a blasphemy victim in a court of law, was openly threatened by his fellow lawyers in the presence of presiding judge. Later Rehman was gunned down in his office. Lawyer who threatened Rehman and the judge who turned a blind eye are very much there in their chambers, doing roaring business.

Blasphemy law may be a blessing for many in Pakistan — if you can’t professionally outdo your rival, use the blasphemy law to destroy his business, reputation, encroach property or simply eliminate him forever. A case is being registered against dozens of lawyers who abused a police officer in public: so what, but now this incident is being turned into a blasphemous case. A news channel is being blamed to be blasphemous for telecasting few reciting in a morning show considered offended by some groups.

Pakistan is fast becoming a laughing stock for the world; the snakes destined for minorities and rivals are now started biting the very hands milking them. Any other definition of a Banana Republic?


Jubail, Saudi Arabia