Two Lyari gangsters among four killed


Four accused, including two Lyari gang war accused, have been killed in two separate police encounters while Rangers have taken several persons into custody during Nagan Chorangi search operation.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Anti-Violent Crime Cell (AVCC) Nasir Aftab, a police party, which was actually hot on the trail of some other suspects, encountered the alleged highwaymen on Lyari Expressway in Garden.

“The surprised suspects opened fire on the incoming cops, who took cover in time; however a retaliatory fire hit them both,” he added.

Aftab also said that upon arrival at the hospital they were rushed to, the wounded attackers were pronounced dead.

“They died on their way to the hospital owing to massive blood loss after suffering multiple penetrating injuries caused by bullets”, said a paramedic at the hospital.

According to sources, the bodies have been sent to the city morgue for autopsy.

Reportedly, the police, apart from arms, also seized stolen goods from the deceased robbers.

n another incident, police raided in Kharadar on a tip-off. When cops reached the scene the accused opened fire on them to which the police retaliated, killing two accused.

Police said that those killed belonged to Shairaz Comrade Group of Lyari gang war.

Police claimed to have seized weapons and grenade from the deceased.

On the other hand, Rangers raided Maria Apartment Block 3 situated in Nagan Chorangi and took several suspects in custody.