Samiul Haq believes Taliban are patriots


Despite the killing of over 50,000 innocent Pakistanis and security forces, Taliban interlocutor Maulana Samiul Haq has termed Taliban terrorists “patriots”.

Addressing a gathering in Peshawar Wednesday, the JUI-S chief said that Taliban were not traitors but were rather patriots and loyal with Pakistan.

Haq, a nominated representative of Taliban for dialogue with the government, advised the army not to interfere in ‘internal issues’ adding that army’s duty was to protect country’s borders. He also “warned” the Army not to interfere in infighting in Taliban factions.

Haq reiterated that military operation was not a solution to militancy in the country. He reiterated that peace could be restored in the country on the negotiation table, urging the government to take steps for success of dialogue process.

The cleric, famously known as “father of Taliban”, said that Taliban were facing a “difficult time and pressure from the military”, advising them to keep their faith with Pakistan amid hard times.

Maulana also said that Sharia could not be implemented on gunpoint and forcibly. He said that a Hindu extremist party had come to power in India, urging the Pakistan government to review its policies towards India.


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