Power tariff down by Rs 1.48 per unit!


National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Wednesday approved a reduction in power tariff by Rs 1.48 per unit.

A briefing was given to NEPRA authorities where it was told that 6.75 billion units of electricity had been produced at a cost of Rs 58 billion, while a loss of Rs 1.27 billion was incurred due to transmission losses.

In April, the price of fuel was Rs 9.97 per unit while real fuel cost remained at Rs 8.49; hence a reduction in electricity prices be approved, it was requested.

NEPRA approved power distribution companies’ request and gave a nod to reduction in prices. The new rate will be adjusted in the next month’s bill under fuel adjustment. However, the reduction will not be implemented on 50-unit domestic consumers and KESC.