Two students kidnapped for ransom


Two young MBA students of PrestonUniversity have been kidnapped for a hefty ransom of Rs 5 million.

According to details, the brother of the kidnappers registered the case in I-9 Police Station when kidnappers asked for ransom money.

Investigation officer of the case Inspector Abdul Sattar said that the number from which the complainant is receiving calls for ransom money is of the kidnapped person and the kidnappers are using the number in Islamabad. “We will reach the accused within one or two days.”

Muhammad Baber, brother of the kidnapped man, said that his 24-year-old brother Abdul Wahhab was a student of PrestonUniversity who has been missing since May 9 after his class fellow Zahid called him.



  1. The Nawaz Showbaz period is anarchy. The son of a former PM and son of a former Governor were kidnapped in broad day light in Punjab and Punjab Police looked the other way.Now these students. Why don’t they kidnap one of Mian family to make them realize the incompetence of this Police. Shahbaz is a fraud who is making money with the help of his brother through Metros and such silly anti people projects. During this dark period Police does not respond unless you have contacts. A message from.Showbaz is sent from 8070 ” MUJHE LAZMI JAWAB DEIN……. YAD RAHE SARKAR KI ISLAH APKI ITLAH KR BAGHAIR MUMKIN NAHIN.”This is all bullshit .Nothing happens. I am still waiting for reply to my complaint lodged in March this year.


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