AEF 2014: Panel session on “Kazakhstan – 2050 in the age of ten global challenges of XXI century”


On May 22, 2014 within the forthcoming VII Astana Economic Forum, the Institute of Economics of the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science will hold a panel session “Kazakhstan – 2050 in the age of ten global challenges of XXI century”

The goal of the session is to discuss the problems and prospects of long-term development of Kazakhstan, ways to overcome the global challenges of XXI century to enter 30 developed countries of the world, and realization of tasks set by the President N.A. Nazarbayev in his State of the Nation Address “Kazakhstan way – 2050: united goal, united interests, united future” and in the “Strategy Kazakhstan-2050”: new political course of the established state”.

During the panel session the following key issues will be considered:

  • Main trends and challenges of global development;
  • The quality of economic growth and positioning of national economics in the global competitive environment;
  • Labor market in the context of social and economic instability;
  • Human potential under new economics;
  • Global technological space and innovative development of national economy: problems and prospects  ;
    •  “Kazakhstan-2050” and foreign politics: head for economic pragmatism;
    • Integration of Kazakhstan into the united economic area EurAsEC: risks and opportunities.

The leading Kazakhstan and foreign economists, experts and representatives of International Organizations will participate in the session. Among keynote speakers and invited guests are: The Head of Administrative Science Department of Boston University, Yung Wan Lee(USA); ChiefEditor of periodical edition “ActaOeconomica” of Hungary Academy of Science, Prof.  Peter Mikhali(Hungary);the Director of the Institute of Economics, NAS of Belarus, Doctor of Economics, Prof. DaynekoA.Ye.(the Republic of Belarus);the Head of SuleymanDemirel University, Prof. MesutAkgul(Turkey);the Director of the Institute of Strategic Researches of EAEC Integration Problems, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Natural Science, Doctor of Economics Spitsyn A.T. (Russia);The Director of Russian Center of Living Standards, Doctor of Economics, Professor,  honored scientist of Russia, Bobkov V.N. (Russia); Associate Professor at the Department of Legal Studies of the University of Ferrara, Marco Greggi (Italy);  applied economics researcher at the University of Ferrara, Giorgio Prodi (Italy); the Head of Division on developing the regional social and economic systems of the Institute of Economics of Ural Department of RAS, Doctor of Economics, Prof. Shelomentsev A.G. (Russia); member of the NAS RK, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Koshanov A.K.;First Deputy Director General of the Institute of Economics RAS, Head of Department “Macroeconomic management” of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Economics, Associate Member of RAS, Professor, Sorokin D.Ye. (Russia); the Head Deputy of the Department on scientific activities of the University of International Trade, Do HuongLan (Vietnam);  academician of NEA RK, Doctor of Economics, Prof. Sabden O.S.; the national coordinator of the seventh framework program of Eropean Union for research and technological development in Kazakhstan, Magziyeva K.T.


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