Let us all show some love, please?

  • Pakistan Intellectual Forum urges promotion of interfaith harmony, tolerance in society

Islamabad-based writers and intellectuals have urged the civil society organisations, groups and educational institutions among others to promote interfaith activities in the country.

In an intellectual discourse arranged under the auspices of Pakistan Intellectual Forum (PIF) in the capital on Friday, the speakers brought to light growing intolerance among the youth and frequent attacks against religious minorities in various parts of the country, coupled with flagrant violation of basic human rights.

Reading out his research paper on “Growing monster of intolerance among youth of Pakistan: Reasons, Reality and Solution”, noted educationist and academician former principal and director schools Ghous Bux Solongi said, “This menace has caused an enormous waste of human potential in this country. Millions of people in this country, especially in the rural Pakistan, who can and should contribute to country’s prosperity, are denied access to the education and employment that they need to fulfil their potential.”

Speaking on the occasion in his introductory remarks, Hashim Abro of PIF said, “It is vital to address hate speech too. If Pakistan is serious about curbing intolerance and draining support for extremist parties, political leaders need to stop using intolerant and coded language, and forcefully condemn others who express such views. Hate speech that actually incites violence may be combated through the criminal justice system.”