New furnace for hospital soon, NA told


State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab Ahmed on Thursday informed the National Assembly that a new furnace would be installed within 45 days in PolyclinicHospital, Islamabad, for the disposal of waste material.

To a calling attention notice moved by MNA Rida Khan regarding non-existence/adoption of proper procedure for the disposal of waste in government and private hospitals, the minister admitted that the old incinerator in Poly Clinic was out of order since 2013.

He said there were three major state-run hospitals in the capital, including Polyclinic, PIMS and NIRM, of which, NIRM had its own furnace while the waste of PIMS and Poly Clinic was being sent to Morgah for disposal.

“Shifa International hospital and other private hospitals also have their own incinerators to burn the waste material,” Sheikh Aftab added.

He said the installation of a new incinerator at PIMS in the upcoming fiscal year was also under consideration.