PTI to join hands with PML-Q: report



A new opposition alliance against the federally-ruling Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) is in the making, according to a private news channel report on Tuesday.

According to the report, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is in talks with Pakistan Muslim League – Quaid (PML-Q) to form a grand coalition against PML-N.

PTI Chief Imran Khan called PML-Q leaders Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Chaudhry Pervez Elahi via telephone to discuss the possibilities says the report.

Hussain and Elahi, former prime minister and former chief minister Punjab respectively, assured Khan of full-fledged support to his agenda.

The report added that a delegation of PTI- comprising of President Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, Vice-Chairperson Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Central General Secretary Jehangir Tareen- will be meeting with the PML-Q leaders in this regard on May 14.


  1. punjabi mashoor misl hy “saien choor hikkay dalal khawan dhikkay” thats what pti is doing with not only its workers but also going to play disaster for Pakistan….. khan sahab u r our legend but we dont want to see u “from hero to zero” we want u only HERO so please get rid of old flithy politician except Javed Hashmi, please get rid of all other oldies. you have asad omer.murad saeed, like these young men r good but not others…..

  2. PML-N is completely confused and has failed to give a logical solution to the crisis developing due to their Saudi King type of couldn't careless attitude. Appointment of ministers temporarily for specific jobs, while retaining all powers with themselves, including controlling granting of loans by Maryam Sharif, supply of milk and controlling its rates by Kulsoom Sharif and monitoring chicken supply and its rates by ghamza Sharif, were not the tasks for which they got the so claimed "MANDATE". As known Nawaz is a test tube production of General Zia at the Military Laboratory to be used as a dot for the Bhutto Party. Even funds were provided to strengthen the dot by creating IJI, but due to sudden demise of General Zia, Nawaz couldn't be logically trained and processed. This resulted in an immature, jumping, vibrating bazooka Nawaz with Saudi Monarch like trend. Instead of wisely treating and utilizing capable strong institutions and people, Nawaz has started fighting and banging his head with everyone, starting from Ghulam Ishaq Khan, till Musharraf. Now with Mazaq-e-Jamhuriat, Nawaz and Zardari have agreed to take their turns.
    Indians have caught the weakness of Nawaz, i.e. his investment in India and using him like Mujeeb-ur-Rehman of East Pakistan, with a "Gutka" of "Greater Punjab". In place of "Mukti Bahinis" they have prepared TTP, BLA and a team of mullahs including Burqa Mullah. Resultantly Nawaz has started singing Aman ki Tamasha, Visa free borders, India as MFN, free trade, which is not only alarming, but shameful, for normal Pakistanis.
    We should be self dependent country as we were during Ayub's time or Musharraf was
    getting Pakistan relieved of IMF Loans etc. Dealing with American donors may be
    embarrassing, but getting under the financial liabilities of Hind-Hoo Banias will be very torturous and humiliating for even our coming generations. These Hindu are already selling their Dalit Women as prostitutes and Dalit men as slaves. Indians have been graded as the "Biggest Human Smuggler", at the International level, by Washington Post and Newyork Times.
    It is a very good sign that people like Qadri and Imran Khan have raised their voice against this subservient trend. It is hoped that all other patriotic aprties like MQM, APML and PML – Q will also join them and throw out these Hindu loving parties.

  3. It was bound to happen. all are waiting for an. Entrference from Army. But this issue is Pervaiz Illahi Imran khan and Tahir Qadri are at time PM condiate and all of would like in new army setup he should be new pm at least for two years. But no one ready to think why army should share the power with them? However a few ministries may possible.

  4. Imran Khan and Ch." brotheraan" has one thing in common. Both master in co-operating with Musharraf and then turned their back against him. Now they are looking for new masters to take over and join them. So is with shaikhra Baba. Tahir Ul Qaadri is big "baahdree". So they are going to have a good time in future but bad luck. PPPP joined hand with PMLQ in the last era that made PPPP a bottom party enclosed in Sindh only. Now it's time for the destruction of PTI. Beware Immu Bhai.

    Armed forces of Pakistan has gone through difficult period. they shall refrain from take over and would play a better behind the seens.

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