Khurshid locks horns with Gen Shareef over ‘jugular vein’


Indian FM flays COAS’s statement, says Pakistan cannot say Kashmir is its jugular vein

Indian Foreign Minister Suleman Khurshid has expressed his reservations with Pakistani Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Shareef’s statement describing Kashmir as Pakistan’s jugular vein.

Khurshid, terming Sharreef’s statement “irresponsible and unacceptable”, said during an interview that Pakistan could not say that Kashmir is its jugular vein, Indian media reported.

“Such statements can inject bitterness in the issues prevailing between India and Pakistan and can give rise to a tense situation,” he added.

Accusing Pakistan of patronising terrorism in Kashmir, the Indian minister said the Pakistan army chief should focus on the situation persisting in his country where terrorism was rampant.

Khurshid went on to saying, “We will have to focus on several matters while perceiving the situation. Army needs not to speak on such sensitive issues as civil administration is endeavoring to tide over these matters.”

“It is the collective stance of the whole country that Kashmir is indivisible and integral part of India. Despite it we are continuing talks’ process and every possible effort will be made to sort out the problems,” he held.

He underlined, “Our stance on Kashmir cannot be changed no matter whatever is said by any one nor does it offer any room for any one sided concession. It is strange that several groups are operating to unleash open terrorism in Pakistan when army is working against terrorism. But army chief is talking of Kashmir issue rather than bringing these people (terrorists) to justice. Innocent people are being killed inside Pakistan and the army chief will have to launch action against those found involved in killings of innocent people.”

The Indian foreign minister underscored that India would safeguard its borders however, the efforts to ensure improvement in ties with neighboring country will continue.


  1. A traitor should not honred by acknowledging his words. He is getting paid handsomely for that. While Indian & Kashmiri Muslim suffer; sold out like him, and those Khans of Bombay prosper.

  2. Suleman Khurshid is nothing but his master's voice. He is trying to be catholic than the pop. As far as the Kashmir dispute is concerned India is morally bankrupt. If UNSC resolutions can be implemented on Kuwait by the use of force why can't be they implemented in the same manner on Kashmir.

  3. We can’t call itt our jugular vein, but they call it an integral part of India, and forbid maps from depicting anything but India’s claim to the entire region!

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