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Shehzad Roy, Ayesha Omer pay tribute to martyrs

We are used to Shehzad Roy singing patriotic songs but this is the first time he has paired up with Ayesha Omer to pay tribute to Pakistan’s martyrs.

Dhol Sipahaya is a heartfelt track that is soft and subtle. The video has been gives a much needed patriotic message through visuals.  In terms of concept there is nothing new and the stories of the families of our soldiers have been shared in the usual style.Since it has been released on Youm-e –Shahuda it will touch a nerve with fans.

The lyrics are strong with worlds like “Manzil hai meri wataan, Jis ka hon mai neghabaan, Muskhil jo aye tu, Hazir karo apni jaan”

The music is pleasant and has a traditional feel but I would personally like Roy’s  Hum Aik Hai more than this number.

Omer sounds okay singing the Punjabi portion in the song “Meray dhol siphaya, tenu rab de hai rakha”.

The song is written by Nisha Ali and composed by Imran Ali.

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