Pakistan’s Middle East policy


It is quite satisfactory to note that our Prime Minister has clarified his stance on Pakistan’s Middle East policy. He has categorically rejected the idea to maintain strong ties with one country at the expense of another. In context of Pakistan’s delicate relationship with Iran and Saudi Arabia, Prime Minister has clearly stated that his government’s effort is to increase cooperation with both the countries. It is good to note that the timing for this clarification was aptly picked by the Prime Minister. It was made just ahead of his visit to Iran and at time when the speculations are rife that Pakistan’s Middle East policy is based on Saudi dictates. The Prime Minister has made it clear that Pakistan is a sovereign nation and makes its own decisions. His visit to Iran will further help to dissipate any misunderstandings. It is encouraging to note that Pakistan’s foreign policy is based on extending mutual cooperation and strengthening bilateral ties with all without interfering in the internal matters of any country.




  1. I do not what irked the A.A Sehgal to write this letter ? It makes no sense. He makes wrong assumptions that Pakistan's Middle East Policy is dictated by Saudi Arabia. Our foreign policy is based on developing good relations with all the Muslim Countries. We had extremely good relations with Iran, and we had RCD Pact with Iran and Turkey, which was signed in Ayub era.

    The P.M's clarification is manifested by his visit to Tehran. Actually it was not any clarification rather he reiterated our stance on these matters. We have brotherly ties with Iran and Saudi Arabia both. I would say just avoid creating confusion and muddy the Foreign affairs. Let the government take care of these matters.

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