Siddiqui urges Taliban to make headway for successful talks


PM’s adviser says govt is facing public pressure on matter of holding talks with Taliban.

Irfan Siddiqui, adviser to prime minister on political affairs, on Wednesday said it would not be possible for the government to continue peace talks if the Taliban make no immediate and solid headway on this count.

Talking to BBC, he said the government was facing public pressure on the matter of holding talks with the Taliban.

“Prolonging the talks meant for peace is not a good omen even for talks’ process,” he underlined. “We had made it clear at the start of talks’ process that efforts will be made to take these negotiations to logic end as soon possible because this sensitive process can not be continued for indefinite period,” he added.

To a question about prevailing impression of tension between government and army, he said, “This is only a pre-assumption. Several meetings have taken place between the PM Nawaz Sharif and Chief of Army Staff Raheel Sharif during the last some weeks. They have exchanged views on national matters in amicable atmosphere.” These direct meetings have eliminated the possibility of emergence of any misperception between these two leaders, he held.

He said that certain elements and leaders were trying to launch movements on the back of this hypothesis. They are unaware of the real situation and have failed to develop any correct perception of national politics and national issues.

It is not even known to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan what was the motive and direction of this movement which he has announced to launch from Sunday.

About stand off between Jang group and the Inter-Services Intelligence, he said the government was reviewing the entire situation with all sincerity and was playing its role in keeping with law and constitution.

“The PM desired that media determines parameters of its freedom on its own and evolves such code of ethics that state organs never feel any necessity to move against the media in future,” he added.

Attitude and stances being pursued by different TV channels and newspapers following this dispute were breaching the privilege of their viewers and readers, he remarked.