PTI and social media



It is a fact that fame and power takes away sanity from many who cannot handle it. The same goes for PTI followers and supporters who end up bullying and harassing people who question them about the moves and statements of their party leaders. It is a pity watching insensible and irresponsible youth administering these groups/forums on the social media with no basic ethics to show respect for opponents, women and elders. It is shameful to see how they react to criticism and cross questioning by snubbing and oppressing people with abusive and foul language. And it is even more condemnable when such behaviour is shown towards women.

I would like to share what I came across recently on a famous social media site Twitter a few days ago. On the thread of “PTI Family” I found a well-reputed and a respectable lady questioning them about the recent instabilities of the party. But it was shocking to witness how a bully brigade of a number of men and boys hurled horrendously lewd personal remarks onto that lady and their only purpose was to snub her and stop her from being vocal. The whole thing brought a completely sickening impact to many people who witnessed this.

So as an ex-supporter or a voter of PTI, I raise this question to Mr Imran Khan, Dr Mazari (whom I respect and admire greatly) and some other experienced and worthy people like Shah Mehmood Qureshi, that if you consider yourself to be a democratic party, you must have a heart to face criticism and queries and should better leash such untamed mudslingers who are good for nothing for your party.

I hope that the party management shall look into this whole thing more seriously and would teach manners to such spoiled brats.