FO tells India to lower its eyes!



With Pakistan terming India’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s statement about Dawood Ibrahim “irresponsible”, Foreign Office (FO) spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam has said that no one could dare look at Pakistan with bad intentions.

Speaking to private TV channel, the FO spokeswoman said that Modi had no realisation of ground reality and that his statements were extremely irresponsible. She said that such statements could have “dangerous consequences”.

Tasnim said that Indian candidates were trying to win elections by exploiting anti-Pakistan sentiment and such statements were not new.

“Our borders have army deployed with security worth billions of rupees; no one should even dare think about aggression,” she said.

Tasnim said that state affairs did not run with non-seriousness and that statements that could cause huge trouble in the region should be avoided.


  1. Your army will be crushed within a week ! Your navy is no match for us, it'll be sunk within hours. Your air force will be blasted out of the skies by Flankers! Only way you'll fight is with terrorists !! This proves you're a terrorist nation!
    Try doing anything stupid at our borders or at our home , Modi will teach you such a lesson you'll never forget! The "Final Solution" to Pakistan problem is coming!!

    • I think you are still living in the paradise of fools. You forget that Pakistan is the sixth most powerful nation on earth. WE can turn India into smoke in just 5 minutes before your idle missiles could even take off. Never think about taking any adventure with Pakistan. We will teach you such a lesson that no one in India will remain to remember it because you all will go to hell. We made world record of killing your air force so don't boast about that. 1 plane kills 6 Indians in just 5 seconds in 1965, which is world record and no one could break it by now. I think you must stop thinkin aggressively now and try to cool down otherwise you will turn into smoke only.

    • Pathetic Indians Like You Can Live In A World Of Dreams.This Is What You Were Told In 1965.Our Army Crushed Your Pathetic Army AT Chamb Jaurian and Chawinda.If Your Modi Wants Some, He Can Come and Get Some

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