Youm-e-Shuhda being observed today




The 5th Youm-e-Shuhada (Day of Martyrs) is being observed on Wednesday in recognition to the sacrifices of the valiant soldiers of Pakistan’s armed forces who laid their lives for the defence of the motherland.

In a message on the occasion, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that the nation stands behinds its forces.

“The mutual relations of our armed forces and people for stability of country’s defence will not be allowed to wean,” he said.

He paid homage to the heroes of Pakistan for writing a history of courage and sacrifice with their blood.

The PM added that the Shuhda were the benefactors of our nation and their blood will keep alive the determination in the hearts of our serving soldiers.

He paid a tribute to the parents of the martyred soldiers, adding that the entire nation is proud of its valiant defenders.

Various ceremonies are being held all across Pakistan to pay homage to the martyrs of Army, Air Force, Navy, Rangers and police.


  1. As Pakistan celebrates the “Day of Martyrs” Youm-e-Shuhada, we pay tribute to brave soldiers and officers who laid their lives to defend their country and its people. No one can deny the sacrifices made by Pakistanis in the war against terror. Our Secretary of State John Kerry had said earlier this year, “We – Pakistan and the United States – have enormous mutual interests. We are both striving to combat extremism, terrorism, deal with the challenge of global energy, as well as to provide for the prosperity of our people and deal with security.”

    Today a day dedicated to the martyrs, we stand with the security forces and people of Pakistan as they tackle a vicious enemy in pursue of peace.

    Abdul Quddus
    DET-United States Central Command

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