KSA, China all weather friends of Pakistan


Shahbaz Sharif meets ambassadors of China and Saudi Arabia

New era of development and mutual cooperation between Pakistan and People’s Republic of China has started in the tenure of Pakistan Muslim League-N and the Chinese leadership, said Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif while talking to Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong in Islamabad on Sunday. Matters of mutual interest, bilateral relations and investment package were discussed in the meeting.

The chief minister said that people of Pakistan are proud of their unswerving friendship with China which has stood the test of time. He said that the record investment of $ 32 billion by China and the measures taken for promotion of mutual trade and economic cooperation between the two countries augur well and are a gift for the people of Pakistan. He said that these historic measures will be helpful in resolving energy crisis and solution of the problems of Pakistani people. He said that every penny of Chinese investment package will be spent on the welfare of the Pakistani people honestly and transparently.

Shahbaz Sharif said that the Punjab government has adopted fast track policy for the implementation of the projects started with the Chinese cooperation. He said that these efforts are not only creating attractive opportunities of Chinese investment but new avenues of employment and trade are also opening for the people of Pakistan. He said that China has made tremendous progress and Pakistani leadership wants to benefit from Chinese expertise in resolving the problems being faced by the country. He said that friendly relations between China and Pakistan have entered into a new era and are an example for the world. He said that Pakistan has leant the lesson of progress and prosperity from China and the Pakistan Muslim League-N government is moving forward with commitment and determination to make Pakistan a developed country while energy crisis and other problems will also be resolved.

The chief minister thanked the Chinese ambassador for investment by Chinese companies besides cooperation and encouragement of economic activities in Pakistan. He said that China has proved to be a true friend of Pakistan. He said in addition to financial and technical assistance, China has also taken practical measures for the promotion of investment in Pakistan due to which its economy is strengthening. The Chinese ambassador while expressing sentiments of goodwill for the Pakistani people and leadership said that Chinese president and prime minister have full confidence in Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. He said that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has made a great contribution during recent years for strengthening Pak-China friendship and Chinese leadership highly values his commitment and hard work. The Chinese ambassador also extended invitation to Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on behalf of the Communist Party to visit China.

Earlier, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif met Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan Dr Abdul Aziz Saleh Al-Ghadeer at his residence in Islamabad. Bilateral relations and matters of mutual interest were discussed in the meeting.

The chief minister said that Pak-Saudi friendship is based on strong historical and spiritual bonds. He said that people of Pakistan are proud of their friendship with Saudi Arabia and have deep affiliation with the Saudi people. He said that the Pakistan Muslim League-N government highly values its ties with Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Ambassador said that Saudi Arabia wants to see Pakistan a strong, stable and prosperous country under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and bilateral cooperation is being promoted for this purpose. He assured full cooperation of Saudi Arabia for the prosperity of the people of Pakistan.



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    • What if it's not Saudi Arabia? What if it's someone else? What will you do then? If the Saudi Arab's cause mess for Pakistan they all know well they will loose an important strategic partner, I mean, all Pakistani always favor the Arabs, why is that? Because we have history with them, they know that very well, quit hating on the Arabs, they are great people that look forward to Pakistans future development, since they will also benefit with a great partner and a country that is strategically located for trade and commerce.

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