West, US enemies of Pakistan: Fazl



Kashmir Committee Chairman Fazlur Rehman on Sunday said that West and America are enemies of Pakistan and peace in the region.
Addressing the Sheikhul Quran Muhammad Ibrahim Fani Conference in Akora Khattak, he showed concerns at slow poisoning to erode Islamic teachings and social fabric to enslave Muslims.
“Maligning seminaries and Quranic teachings were also being encouraged to suppress the freedom of imparting Islamic knowledge by religious institutions,” he worried, urging all to forge unity to thwart such designs.
The conference also expressed reservations over the Pakistan Protection Ordinance (PPO), stressing to terminate the issue.
Meanwhile, Jamaatud Dawaa chief Hafiz Saeed Ahmad also met with Fazlur Rehman and Taliban committee member Samiul Haq to discuss peace talks with Taliban.
Both Hafiz Saeed and Fazl lauded the services of Sami and urged him to keep up the good work.