German court bans facial veil in class



An administrative court in the southern German city of Munich has banned a female Muslim student from wearing a facial veil in the class.
The court argued that outlawing the facial veil did not infringe on the plaintiff’s right to freely exercise her religion, the Hamburg-based weekly news magazine Der Spiegel reported.
The plaintiff had insisted on being able to wear the facial hijab in class, after having been accepted at a vocational school.
The controversy led the school to revoke its admission of the plaintiff.
Several German states have adopted tough anti-hijab laws in recent years which many Muslims view as a violation of their constitutional right to exercise religious freedom.
There is no formal hijab ban in Germany, although German federal states are allowed to ban Muslim state employees with headscarves, provided the states have the required legislation on the books, according to a ruling by the nation’s highest court.