PTI Ideologues reject intra-party polls



The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on Friday held first-ever national conference at a hotel. The moot was convened by PTI founding member Akbar S Babar.
The conference was attended by Zahid Hussein Mohmand, Dr Afzal, Naveed Khan, Mansoor Bangash, Dr Hafeezur Rehman, Hasan Shah and Khawaja Imtiaz.
The conference unanimously passed a declaration that the PTI has deviated from its core values and principles. The party is run like a mafia without any institutional checks and balances. Corruption is reeking and destroying the very foundations of the party and demands for transparent accountability continues to be stalled.
Instead of reforming the decayed political system, the PTI is fast transforming into a conventional political party which has been hijacked by rental politicians and a corrupt central office mafia.
An April 25 taskforce was announced to be at the central and provincial levels after a consultative process. The names of the members shall be announced as soon. To put back on its original ideology of change, the conference demanded that 7-9 member supreme ideology council should be formed in consultation with the taskforce to review decisions taken by any committee at the provincial and central levels. The conference demanded that an independent accountability commission should be formed in consultation with the central taskforce to hold the corrupt in PTI accountable.
The conference rejected the outcome of the intra-party elections and demanded that it should be declared null and void. Consequently, all the central and provincial office-bearers should be de-notified immediately. The conference also demanded that the PTI election commission should be dissolved immediately and a fresh body should be formed within 30 days in consultation with the taskforce.
The conference demanded that the membership of PTI office- bearers against whom serious allegations of corruption, misuse of authority, and manipulation of electoral and ticket allocation process exist should be suspended immediately.