Mehwish Hayat prominent among ‘Na-maloom Afraad’


Currently, Mehwish Hayat is included among top notch artists of Pakistan who not only experimented with their looks in every serial but also with the genre of work they do. Mehwish acted in various dramas, appeared in commercials, did modeling, participated in reality show, and tried her luck in singing which appear to be successful too. And now Mehwish is all set to do an item number in upcoming Pakistani movie name as Na-maloom Afraad.

Without any doubt, Mehwish is a great dancer but keeping our culture in mind, we should try not to copy Bollywood by adding item numbers in our movies. Previously, Mathira did an item number too. I mean, they can show quality content without adding too much of glamour in movies. Still, I am looking forward to see Mehwish in an item song.


  1. There is nothing so good in doing item songs and showing off more than half of the body! It would be better if she continue her acting ONLY.

  2. This is no way to write a news story. I'm so disappointed with the way PT stories are written/edited these days, especially having worked there.

  3. Writer here condemns n prohibits the act of item song yet anxiously waits to see some skin! How delusional is that!!!!! We can’t even understand what we want…. It’s funny an to be pitied upon both at same time….

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