2013 proved gloomy for Pakistanis, HRCP report


The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has issued its annual report for the year 2013 on Thursday. The report represents a relatively gloomy image of the country as compared to previous years.

The report claims that during the last year, a total of 694 Pakistanis lost their lives in 45 suicide bomb attacks across the country.

The report said a whopping number of 14,000 murders were reported while 357 police encounters were reported in which 503 suspects were killed in addition to 50 policemen.

In Karachi alone, 3,218 people were killed in different acts of violence, which was 14 percent higher than the year 2012.

Moreover, 2,576 rape cases were reported in Punjab alone during 2013 while 869 women were killed in the name of honour. At least 56 women were killed solely for giving birth to a girl child and above 800 women committed suicide.

The report said that 199 people were also killed in 31 missile strikes in the tribal areas, while dead bodies of 129 missing persons were found in the year.

It also pointed out that 11 journalists were killed in 2013 while performing their duties while impunity continued for perpetrators of attacks on journalists.

The report commenting on the state of education in the country said that the government allocated lesser than two percent of the GDP for education in the country. Pakistan remained 180th with regard to literacy rate in 221 countries of the world.

Around 5.5 million children of school going age could not enrolled in schools, the report said.