Jang publications and Geo News banned at army offices: report


A ban has been imposed on a private media group, including its television channels, at all offices of the Pakistan Army with immediate effect, private news channel ARY reported on Wednesday.

The channel said that there will be a blanket ban on the newspapers of the Independent Media Corporation, which owns the Jang Group of Newspapers and the Geo News network, at all army offices, mess and units.

The channel reported that the decision was taken in view of the propaganda hatched by the media group to malign the Pakistan Army and Inter-Services Intelligence agency.


  1. This time GEO you have gone too far. I hope that you back stabbers get the harshest treatment by the Pakistan Army (Ameen)

  2. It's funny to read how Ansar Abbasi of jang is trying to backtrack. They were paper tigers until someone stood up to them. Those cowards at Geo/Jang are paid agents of the govt. Their desperation shows in the way that they are inserting their opinions as news. Shows very low standard of journalism (if you can call it that) on their part.

  3. two wrongs don't make a right
    if the army /isi have nothing to hide, let them say what they want to.
    labeling each other a kafir is reminiscent of old Muslim follies.

  4. the whole world knows about pakistan with bad impression is just because of Media ( Geo specially) , though one must hide of all bad things happened in pakistan ( Gher ke baat Gher mein rehne do ) but Geo is like those females who attempted to destroy pakistan just to raise value of channel.

  5. GEO should be banned, don't let them go off the hook, they always hurt Pakistani interests…Ajmal Kasab case, Quaid-e-Azam residency case, Mehran base attack case, they promote IPL (no Pakistani player is allowed to play in IPL), they promote vulgar morning shows, promoting Indian movies, bashing Pak army and ISI (always)….Please kill this beast…

  6. thats a great job done is channel ko to bhyt phle he ban hojana chahye tha it follow all hjewish lobbies ats totally against pakistan very shameful …………………..

  7. Ban on 'JEW' channel is in the interest of Pakistani nation, hats off to defense Ministry and PEMRA in this scenario. It's time to clear the dust and throw all the garbage out of the house. Let's start a new journey with a responsible journalism.

  8. It is shame on Geo and related TV Channels. Geo News shows always anti government and making peoples sick, Evan the government was good. particular capital Talk was always emitting bad small like Indian Lobby. A respect able person cannot see the any drama with family. I can give you a example in one drama . Abid Ali was getting five six marriage and divorce,. It is not our culture.

    Now I am coming That It is not responsibility of Government to provide the security to Media peoples. It is Owner of Channel responsibility to provide security to all agents because they are making a lot of money. All media agents are also making a lot of money they can hire own security guide. I saw only Pakistani Channels are saying against own army in my life. I am thinking it should applies article # 6 on those peoples those providing comments against Pakistan Army and Judiciary.

  9. I am happy to listen this news not because I love pak army but because Geo is promoting the satanic agenda in Pakistan…infact most of the media channel doing the same….I will be more happy when army or any other politician say that we are closing Geo because of spreading vulgarity in the community….This vulgarity destroy the community peace and rape cases increases because of the welfare of the society we are closing Geo and most of the other media channels in Pakistan.

  10. the ban should take effect in whole pakistan. elements like geo should be punished publicly so that so one ever commits such crime against pakistan

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