Complete overhaul of PR will take time: minister



Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique has assured that PR has been quite restructured and will take some time for its compete overhaul.
Talking to media, he also disclosed that the old culture of nepotism, corruption and bribery had been totally eliminated from PR, while steps were being taken to overcome other problems as well.
He also informed the media that PR was suffering from timetable problems due to old, dilapidated engines, for which 5 replacement engines have arrived from China, followed soon by remaining engines.
The minister said that recalling the death of Akbar Bugti and tragedy of Lal Masjid always reminded him of Musharraf, who was worth criticizing due to his notorieties.
Referring to Sheikh Rashid, Saad Rafiq said that Sheikh Sahib was ‘simply impossible, hopelessly to be ever reformed’.