Parents want two holidays for their children



Parents of the students studying in schools and colleges of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) have demanded of the authorities to restore two weekly holidays as weather turns hot.
The decision of two weekly holidays for the public departments was taken by the government in May 2010 due to the power crisis in the country.
However on November 28, 2013, Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) declared Saturday as a working day for the 423 educational institutions working under Federal Directorate of Education (FDE).
The decision was taken to complete the courses in the schools and colleges in time and produce good results.
Shagufta Arif, a mother of three children, said, “One holiday a week has burdened the students and also increased their transportation expenses.”
She said, “The officials of public departments enjoy two weekly holidays while the students and teachers are supposed to bear the hot weather.”
Kashif Ali, a government employee, said, “It is difficult to wake early in the morning on off day of Saturday and make the children ready for school.”
He said such practice on every Saturday spoil the weekly holiday of the parents who are working in the public departments.
Lecturer at federal government college, Tahir Bhatti said most of the educational institutions are observing zero attendance on Saturday as students and teachers both are reluctant to come to the institution.
The decision of curtailing Saturday holidays was taken for completion of syllabus and now the new academic session has started and there is no such issue regarding course completion.
“All the teachers, students and principals want the authorities to restore the Saturday holiday in wake of upcoming hot weather conditions,” he said.
Bhatti said, “There is no logic of opening institutions on Saturday when the department concerned of FDE is not opening.”
The officials of CADD were of the view that the Saturday holidays were only curtailed as the teachers could not complete the courses.
They said there is no proposal under consideration so far to revive the two weekend holidays.