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JAG to exhibit Bengali artist’s work


A solo exhibition comprising 23 oil paintings by Jahangir Hossain will be showcased on Tuesday at Jharoka Art Gallery (JAG).
Jahangir Hossain is the artist from Bangladesh, who especially work in drawing and painting and whose prime subject is man and nature.
Mansoor Rahi, the renowned artist of Pakistan, who also belongs to Bangladesh will inaugurate the exhibition and the Bangladesh High Commission is invited as special guest of the event.
According to the artist, “At first sight my canvases may seems to be normal representation of man and nature, but after a little concentration, it slowly reveals the secrets of my subject. I always try to work with the geometrical lines yet at the same time gives the feeling of space due to my use of subdues colors and specially the selection of ethereal white.”
“I have been mostly preoccupied with women’s traditional figures of fetching water or tending to cattle in the villages. I also brought the images of “rickshaw” [vehicle] in the old city with boy, as often seen even in the urban areas,” he added.
While giving the detail of his work, he said, “I have done most of my paintings in colour, as I felt that it best suited my mood and range of painting and that I could best represent feeling and emotions. In one of my painting I have brought in three woman working and collecting water and the Girl on the Road. The clothes were depicted by blue, red, yellow ochre, grey, umber and purple neat swirls of strokes.”
“I believe that there is a lot of graceful poetry and rhythm in the manner in which women work in the villages of Bangladesh. I would like to combined realism with abstraction. The white pigment is not just a colour to me its breathing oxygen the vibrant sunlight and the innocence of the Mother Nature and it’s in habitants,” he said.

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