40 injured as gas balloons burst in Lahore



At least 42 people were injured on Sunday when gas balloons released on the Chief Minister Shehba Sahrif’ inauguration of Walton overhead bridge burst in a nearby park in Lahore, a private news channel reported.

300 gas balloons were released, report sources.

According to the news report, children were playing cricket in a park on Kamahan Road near the Walton overhead bridge when they were hit by the bursting gas balloons.

Locals and parents of the affected children rushed them to a near by hospital where they are under treatment.

According to the families, the incident occurred because of negligence by the authorities.

Gas balloons filled with helium are safe as it is an inert gas. There is a possibility that the balloons were filled with hydrogen, a highly inflammable gas.

Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif took notice of the incident and sought a report from the district administration.


  1. Nitrogen is not even a flammable gas let alone a highly inflammable one. Do your research before you report. No offense but mistakes like these throw the credibility of the writer down the drain.

  2. Children of the poor do not matter. What matters is the publicity. When will we realise this?

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