International Judicial Conference kicks off today


International Judicial Conference will start today (Friday) in the Supreme Court and all the necessary arrangements have been finalised.

Along with America, Australia, England, India, Turkey, Iran and Sri Lanka most of the delegates from all over the world have arrived who are staying in private hotels of Islamabad.

The conference will start at 4pm which will continue for two days and recommendations will be presented in the ending session on Saturday while Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Tasaduq Hussain Jilani will address the starting session.

Chief justice of Maldives, senior puisne Judge, Supreme Court of India, vice president and judge rapporteur of Turkish Constitutional Court, Turkey and other prominent luminaries, researchers and jurists from around the world i.e. Australia, UK, England and USA are expected to participate in the conference.

According to the office of the Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan, the conference will continue till April 15, and the inaugural ceremony will be held on Friday in the Supreme Court Building.




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