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SC dismisses petition seeking court’s orders for involving Maj (r) Amir, his son in murder case

The Supreme Court (SC) has dismissed the petition seeking court’s orders on involving Maj (r) Amir, former member of government negotiation team for talks with Taliban and his son in Khan Muhammad murder case.

A two-member bench of SC presided over by Justice Nasirul Mulk took up the case for hearing Tuesday.

Zahid Bokhari Advocate appeared on behalf of Maj (r) Amir who told the court Maj (r) Amir had gone to Islamabad to purchase medicines from a chemist and his son was at Dubai on the day murder of Khan Muhammad had taken place. He said that the petitioners attacked his CNG station and one guard was killed during this attack. In retaliation their brother was killed. High court gave correct decision despite the fact this decision was against us.

The court remarked, “We ask subordinate court to review the matter of declaring Maj Amir innocent.”

Zahid Bokhari said, “You cannot issue these directives to trial court as you are not entitled to do so.” Police has declared Maj (r) Amir and his son innocent. The court dismissed the petition filed by Shireen brother of deceased Khan Muhammad.

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