A ‘high kidnapping’ for Taliban


TTP kidnaps 40 tribesmen from Tirah, also make way with large amounts of hashish and cannabis

Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militants allegedly kidnapped 40 tribesmen from Haider Kandow area of Tirah valley of Khyber Agency bordering Afghanistan, foreign news agency reported late Saturday.

According to the report, the tribesmen have been kidnapped from opium and hashish selling “grand fair” held at Tirah.

The militants also took away hundreds of kilograms of cannabis and hashish from the area. According to sources Sheikmal Khel sub tribesmen of the Qamberkhel tribe were segregated from the others and were taken away by the militants.

According to unofficial sources, the number of kidnapped tribesmen is about 100 and they had been picked up for their involvement in the drug trade.

The TTP has not given any official word about the kidnapping.

The incident took place a day after several militants were reportedly killed in infighting between two distraught Tehreek-i-Taliban factions between whom fighting intensified on Friday in Waziristan.

Both factions are part of the TTP umbrella group, which has been waging a bloody seven-year insurgency against the Pakistani state.

The clash started a few days ago and the cause of infighting was said to be over interference in matters inside one another’s domains.

A crucial meeting of the Taliban’s shura was also held at an undisclosed place in North Waziristan yesterday to decide about extending or ending the ceasefire with the government which ended on April 10.


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