Housing Foundation DG has had enough with encroachers!


A meeting was held between DG, Housing Foundation Mr. Waqas Ali Mahmood and Deputy Commissioner, ICT (Islamabad) Mujahid Sher Dil along with officers of the department concerned in the Committee Room of FGE Housing Foundation on 11th April, 2014.

The Deputy Commissioner, ICT was apprised of the encroached area in Sector G-14 and the issues pertaining to announcement of award in respect of built up properties of Sector G-14/1,2 & 3. A joint working group comprising of Assistant Commissioner (ICT) and Deputy Director (Technical) and personnel of FGE Housing Foundation and DC Office was constituted for expediting award of genuine and bonafide owners of G-14/1,2 & 3. It was decided that stern action will be taken against encroachers and all out efforts shall be made in award of built-up property. The DG, Housing Foundation assured the Deputy Commissioner (ICT) that requisite funds shall be made available to ICT by FGE Housing Foundation as and when required.  The Deputy Commissioner, ICT gave assurance of full support with regard to projects of FGE Housing Foundation.


  1. Whatever happened to enquiry report on encroachment sent to prime minister on g14/1 . Any news when do allotees get posssession letters.

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