Imran Khan attends book launch


*Brigadier Aslam launches book exposing corruption of governments, confident that PTI chairman can fight corruption

Corruption has impeded all growth efforts in Pakistan, said Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan at the book launch of ‘Han Ye Such Ha’ by Brigadier Aslam Ghuman which reveals corruption in the government ranks on Thursday.

“Corrupt leaders can never erase corruption in the country and that is the reason why Pakistan keeps on declining in governance and welfare,” the PTI chairman said.

He said whether it is an autocrat or democrats their own dishonesty will make them destroy the institutions like judiciary, police, NAB etc because to hide their own corruption they will either buy these people out or remove them and bring corrupt people to serve their purpose. He said that for a leader to succeed he must have the courage to be honest and take tough decisions which encourage the society to go back on the value system of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who was renowned for his integrity.

He said that leaders like Mandela and Quaid-e-Azam who sacrificed themselves for a larger cause were actually the leaders who could bring change and progress in their countries.

He said that in the last eight months in the KPK already according to Gallup survey people of the KP has given satisfaction level to 57% as compared to the Punjab and other provinces where it was 27% and 37%. He said this is an indication of how in eight months the KP corruption started decreasing and institute building has started. He promised that in the next three months a great change in the KPK will be witnessed where people will give much higher vote for the government performance.

Senior journalist Hassan Nisar said that Imran Khan has all the qualities of possessed by great leaders and he was the first one to talk about corruption and this book is an eye opener.

Mujeeb -ur -Rehman Shami said that this effort by Aslam Ghuman will act as a lesson to other leaders and hope that the KPK will become corruption free governance.

Oriya Maqbool Jan said that honesty was the hallmark of all great leaders and that was the biggest thing lacking in Pakistan.

PTI Vice Chairman Shah Memhmood Qureshi said that it was a great effort by Aslam Ghuman to reveal such dishonesty and said that the PTI would encourage such transparency within the party and outside it.

PTI President Punjab Ejaz Chaudhry said that Chairman Imran Khan has always given a vision of corruption being the root cause of all evil and this book gives examples of how this has been true in the previous governments and said that the PTI would be setting up new standards of accountability and transparency.

Javed Hashmi said that most governments had been afraid of their past and had bent down in front of the autocrats and then run away from the country when things got tough and leaving the poor public on their own. He said that this struggle against corruption was a major challenge to create a fair governance system.

Aslam Ghuman, the author of the book, said that he has spent all his life fighting against corruption and had written this book so that future generation could benefit from these lessons. He said that Chairman Imran Khan was one leader whom he believed would be able to clean the whole setup from the corruption and set the country on the path of progress.

The launch was also attended by PTI Punjab Inforamtion Secretary Andleeb Abbas, MNA Shafqat Mehmood, MPA Dr Murad Ross, MPA Shanial rout, other party leaders and members.