Being better friend with every passing day


*Shahbaz says economic and trade contacts between Pakistan and China intensifying

Relations between China and Pakistan are strengthening with the passage of time and every meeting between the leaderships of the two countries cements these ties, said Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif while talking to the heads of various investment companies of private and public sectors during his visit to China on Wednesday.

Matters regarding promotion of mutual cooperation in energy, infrastructure and transport sectors were discussed on this occasion.

The chief minister said that economic and trade contacts between Pakistan and China have intensified during the first few months of the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and this era can be termed as a new chapter in the history of Pak-China relations. He said that the new era of economic cooperation, investment and mutual trade between the two countries would leave a positive impact on Pakistan’s economy.

He said that historic investment package of $ 32 billion by China for Pakistan is a unique example of bilateral relations.

Shahbaz said that the Chinese leadership and the government are fully aware of the seriousness of energy crisis in Pakistan and fully realise the problems being faced by the country and want to help Pakistan overcome these issues. That is why, he said, China has announced a historic economic package for Pakistan.

He said that joint ventures would be launched in energy, infrastructure and transports sectors under this package. The Chief Minister further said that Pakistan is like a second home for Chinese investors and special incentives and facilities are being offered to them in Pakistan especially Punjab. He said that due to this fact, Chinese investment companies are taking benefit from investment opportunities in Pakistan. He said that Chinese companies should make maximum investment in Pakistan especially Punjab and earn the profit as it is their right.