18 killed, 50 injured in fruit market blast in Islamabad



A blast in a fruit wholesale market on Wednesday in Islamabad killed 20 people and injured 102 others, a private news channel reported.

According to the reported, the acting inspector general of Islamabad said that the expolsive materials, weighing four to five kilograms, were hidden in the fruit crates and were detonated using a remote control.

He added that there were no prior warning reports about any such incidence.

The victims were rushed to PIMs and Holy Family hospitals while the blast area was cordoned off.

13 vehicles at the site were reported to have been damaged in the blast as well.

Medical sources have confirmed the death toll of 20, adding that 30 out of the 102 injured are in a critical condition.

13 out of the 20 victims have not been identified yet.

Meanwhile, President Mamnoon Hussain, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the incident.

MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has condemned the incident, terming it a slap in the face of those groups who favour peace talks with militants.

Pakistan People’s Party Patron in chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari condemned the attack.

PTI Chief Imran Khan and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan have also condemned the blast.

Responsibility for the attack has not been claimed by any group as yet.

This is a developing story and will be updated accordingly.


  1. Congratulation Nisar chodhai for your efforts of peace and love of taliban. Nawaz sharif weldone of killing people of pakistan in name of talks

  2. realistically the peace process is dead and buried!the terrorists have taken nawaz for a ride.the timing was perfect-after the release of so called “non-combatant” terrorists, the celebratory fire works started.One can only feel sorry for the innocent lives lost and cannot imagine the pain the loved ones will be going through – my deepest sympathies and prayers go to them.nawaz’s govt has failed to protect its innocent citizens, and what can one say about the impotent security agencies- all talk and no walk! nisar should hang his head in shame(if he has any) and resign, but he wont as the position he holds is too precious to give up!

  3. President and Prime Minister condemnation does not console the relatives of the dead niether does it bring them back to life.
    Abandon the one sided peace process and start an immediate operation to rid our country of these low life scum known as the TTP and LEJ. How much more humuliation do our security services need to face?

  4. The blast occurred presumably due to a bomb planted in a fruit crate… This is the final time for the Federal Government to instal security scanners at all important public places in all the major cities of Pakistan. This critical project has been lingering on for the past 12 years ever since the former dictator decided to jump into USA's war. The war has killed 60,000 Pakistanis so far and inflicted loss of US$100 Billion to Pakistan's economy.

    The entire Pakistani nation stands behind Pakistan Protection Ordinance (baring a few political-faced parties running their militant wings) to pre-empt and prevent such terror strikes. Baloch separatists organization has claimed the responsibility. Those opposing PPO should also be put in jail until & unless peace is completely restored in Pakistan before Dictator Musharraf's takeover.

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