Women need to be assertive for rights: minister


Sindh Minister for Women Development Rubina Qaimkhani has said that women need to be assertive in exercising their influence and streamline timely adoption of women-friendly proposals into full-fledged pieces of law.

Expressing her strong support for proposed draft of provincial policy on home based workers, she told APP that the department was rigorously working for women empowerment and that a holistic approach had been adopted for the purpose.

“Safeguarding economic and legal rights of women is being equally focussed,” said Rubina Qaimkhani, who also holds the portfolio of Social Welfare and Special Education.

The minister claimed that since assuming her responsibilities as the provincial minister, she had given priority to all the pending matters, especially women related bills and policies. “This is further complimented by the fact that after 18th amendment formulation of legislation on social issues is the prime responsibility of provincial government,” she said.

In reply to a question about Child Marriage Eradication Bill, Qaimkhani said it proposed 18 years as the minimum marriage age for a girl and that it would be mandatory upon the “Nikahkhwan” to necessarily seek CNIC of both bride and groom at the time of Nikah for registration.

“As per proposal nikahkhwan will also be responsible to mention the two CNIC numbers in nikahnama and copy of nikahnama should be provided after registration of nikah to both parties – bride and groom,” she said, adding that a significant support existed among the lawmakers for it.

“However, attempts are being made to further fine tune it with provision for a proper reporting system,” said Rubina when enquired about delay in its adoption by the house.