PSU formed to monitor misconduct of police



A Professional Standard Unit (PSU) has been established to keep high professional standards and monitor all types of misconduct of Capital police, officers and officials, including non-registration of cases.
An official at Ministry of Interior, enumerating the steps to simplify procedure for registration of FIR on Sunday said a complaint cell has also been established in office of inspector general (IG) and senior superintendent of police (SSP), Islamabad where public can file complaints against non-registration of FIR and illegal gratification regarding registration of FIR.
Strict action would be taken against delinquent officers and officials, the official said. He said in order to ensure that public complaints are properly dealt or not, a Digital Visitors Management System has been established by Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICT) Police for getting in touch with citizens and for obtaining their feedback.
Moreover, the official said all SHOs have been strictly directed to register a case upon complaint containing information of a cognizable offense without any delay. The performance of SHO is not being judged by number of cases but on number of cases they have detected.
Modern Reporting Rooms with latest equipments have been established within various police stations of Islamabad where young well-educated and energetic male and female officers have been deployed to address public complaints.
Furthermore, Human Rights Officers have been posted to monitor all Human Rights violations committed in police stations which also include non-registration of FIRs while Citizens Police Committees have been working to coordinate with general public.
If any discrepancy is noticed, senior police command is duly informed for taking departmental action against the delinquent officers and officials, the official added.


  1. DoD study on random polygraphs for personnel.

    "the polygraph is the single most effective tool for finding information people were trying to hide." – DIA, NSA.

    CBP could require current employees to undergo polygraphs.

    Make policy that polygraphs for all new hires expire every 2-5yrs.

    Random drug, lie detector tests for Police Officers in Spain.….

    LAPD body video cameras.

    The honest, brave officers with integrity deserve better.

    And so does the public.

    Wherever you are in the World, in your own jurisdictions, in your own capacity, you can do something, anything, just one thing. And make a difference.

    Break the code. Break the culture.

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