Military expresses grave concerns on releasing Taliban prisoners


Differences between the military and civil leadership have been exposed openly, due to the release of Taliban prisoners.

The military leadership while expressing serious concerns on the issue, has said that if Taliban will be getting relief unilaterally then it would become difficult to compensate the losses, which will come as an outcome of this – a private news channel reported on Friday.

Sources said that the military leadership of the state is having serious concerns over the one-sided and unilateral release of Taliban prisoners by the Ministry of Interior. These reservations were openly expressed by the top military officials, during a meeting with the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif earlier today.

It was stated that if the stake holders were consulted prior to the release of prisoners, then it could have better results, whereas the morale of the troops deployed in troubled areas will also get down because of such acts, which will have a negative impact.

Military sources have a stance that Taliban prisoners were released because of pressure and if the government leads talks under pressure, then it will have to face serious losses of it, whereas the writ of the state will also not be established.

It was further added that talks with militants were decided to be held within the constitutional realm, but the release of extremists confronting the state, is something beyond understanding.

Yesterday, reports mentioned that some 16 Taliban prisoners were set free by the political administration of South Waziristan, upon the directives of Nawaz Sharif, is pursue of peace talks.

Yet the PM House spokesperson had denied this, saying that the freed men were not Taliban, they were laymen from tribal region, who were involved in minor crimes.


  1. The govt. keeps on stressing that the civilians and the miltary are on the same page. It does not appear to be. The way the piece meal peace is proceeding i can well imagine the TTP leaders being accorded a military guard of honour when the talks start in Islamabad. TTP is staeling all the limelight.

  2. I expect nothing better from this government of eunuchs and agree fully with Dr. MM Khan to wait for the day when TTP leaders are accorded guard of honour.

  3. Releasing prisoners who have killed and destroyed numerous households is a slap in the face of these victims. Nawaz was, and always will be, a coward.

  4. There are are bloody sitting on both side of the negotiations table – releasing the killers and acid throwers on the nations daughter's faces ar being accorded guard of honours, almost recognition as a state leaders within a state…days are not far when you will have to give them an embassy in the capital isloo..remember when the traitor muneeb ur Rahman was brought to the round table conference as almost a leader of a separate country..what will be next? Karachi? Sind? Baluchistan?????

  5. Do not cut your country into pieces. Let the army clean this mess once for all before it is too late. Army chief's late brother Nishan e Haider Shabir sharif would have not allowed this to happen.. Unless these guys are first cousins?? God help our nation..

  6. "Expressed grave concern"?? They should tell him to stop treasonous act or he will be tried under Article 6. PERIOD.

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